©  Ira Nowinski 2018

Last Call: The Specs Film is a triptych portrait of feisty raconteur and infamous saloon owner Specs Simmons; his world-renown bar, Specs' 12 Adler Museum Cafe in San Francisco; and the celebrated and dynamic North Beach community in which it resides.  Specs, the man contrasts an intensely private nature with a deeply social persona. His commitment to a vibrant and diverse community, coupled with his infamous hysterical dry wit and biting social satire, has forged a deeply devoted and dedicated community of denizens within North Beach. Specs’ 12 Adler Museum Cafe is home to an international community of characters, diverse in age, class and calling.  North Beach, the neighborhood, is as beautiful and rich a grouping of bars, restaurants, dance and music venues, strip clubs, boutiques and creative businesses as one might find anywhere, and people from all over the world make North Beach their home.  


Last Call: The Specs Film is a HD documentary film project, which will be made available as two programs; a one-hour broadcast and extended as a feature-length theatrical release.  

Our visually rich art film explores the vibrant counter culture of artists, writers, musicians, activists, merchant marines, hotel and restaurant workers and business people, who have come to call Specs’ bar home since its’ inception in the spring of 1968, in an era of turmoil and cutting edge social and political change and creative expression. 


Sassy and ribald, romantic and revolutionary, Last Call is a testimony to the power of the human spirit in a challenging time, shaped by the strong social values, ethics, humor, wise ass attitude, and deep community spirit of barkeep Specs Simmons.